Sometimes you want 'per bike' notes to differentiate between your customers in larger reservations, and perhaps to include setup notes.

  • The advantage of using this feature is that it is automatically enabled within the platform.  It appears automatically on the Reservation Detail Panel, on printouts and also on the mechanic prep list.  It is flexible and versatile.
  • The disadvantage of this feature is that is only one field.  If you want really specific & multiple setup data points - e.g. for ski - you may want to use the custom data fields for your customers.

Here is how you do that in the Reservation Detail Panel

  1. click on the Customer lozenge
  2. write your notes for each bike / item in your list

Please note these notes will also appear in your printout - which is useful for your mechanics prepping bikes.

in this example we're printing on thermal paper (so narrower)

You could also use notes for setup information like ABC sizes etc.

When you are searching for bikes to prepare you will also see this field:

Please note you can put whatever you like in the field, e.g.

  • customer name
  • customer bike fitting requirements (sizing)
  • customer pedal choices

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