By default BRM will automatically price up your reservations based on:

  • bikes in the rental
  • duration of the rental

But if you want to alter that price then you can easily do that:

Just overtype the price or discount - and hit the save button.

it will store a new 'top-down price':

Meaning the price of the reservation is calculated from the Top Down from the price you set for the whole reservation.

(rather than calculating each bike's price and rolling that up into an Automatic Price)

In this example below I set a custom price of 20 (and tax was applied making it $21.60)

(for tax-inclusive stores the 20 would stay at 20)

In this example, I've set a discount of 10%

Here's a giphy of setting a new price: (and then removing it)

Here's a giphy of making a discount: