Q: How does Lightspeed inventory relate to BRM inventory?

A: They are really different things, though of course they may represent the same underlying products

In most cases people have separate rental inventory and retail inventory.

  • you have kit that you sell - brand new.
  • and you also have kit that you rent - used items.

in which case you have two inventories really.

each with their own ID's.  Retail over lightspeed, and Rental using BRM.

if you rent something and take money in Lightspeed all the transactions go through one bit of 'dummy inventory' on Lightspeed, your 11111111111 code

But some people operate one inventory which is simultaneously for sale and for rent.

This is fine, but you are then just representing the same stuff in two different places.

They have have the same ID's or not, it doesn't matter as long as you can physically identify a bike in each system:

what serial numberLS IDBRM ID2
Trek 8.2FX medium2345245245521000003834TRK23