How do you define a day's rental in your business? 

In BRM, there are two options for you - Full day or 24 hour mode.

24 hour mode

Some people have a policy that you can rent a bike from this time today until this time tomorrow, for a fixed price.

For example:

14:00 Wednesday -> 14:00 Thursday = 1 day price (which is really your 24hr price*)

*of course you're really saying you'll give them up to 24hrs for the same price, for many reasons they may want to return early, for example, 14:00 Wednesday -> 11:00 Thursday = 1 day price (or your 24hr price)

Full day mode

Other people treat each day independently.

For example:
14:00 Wednesday -> 14:00 Thursday = 2 day price - Weds & Thurs (this counts as 2 full days of hire)

Where do I find this setting?

Choose the mode that best fits your business by going to Inventory --> Price Groups and selecting from the Billable day dropdown.

What about durations less than 1 day?

Let's say you want to have one price for up to 8 hours and then another price for 24hrs. No problem. This is taken care of in the pricing of your fleet. You define your pricing profile for each price group.  A price group is simply a way of pricing up your assets, and you can assign as many assets as you like to a price group.

For example, let's say I want price UP TO 8 hours, and then another price from 8-24 hrs. You simply add a price for 8hours, that is less than the 1 day price:

In the above example 8 hours is the shortest duration BRM will recognize.

However what if you want even shorter rental duration? Just and another price point:

In this example, we are saying that we let people rent:

  • up to 4 hours for $14
  • up to 8 hours for $20
  • up to 24 hours for $25
  • up to 48 hours for $40