One of the first things you'll want to do in BRM is add your rental items to build your inventory. This article will take explain how to do this and take you through it step by step.

It is important you understand the basics components of inventory hierarchy in BRM. See Key concepts for a quick reminder and Your Inventory Hierarchy for a more in-depth review.

Adding a whole new Category (start here)

To get started, on the Add / manage items page, click the + Quick Add button, located at the top right.

The blue add section will open up for you to add the following details:

  1. Category - the top level, so people can find your items.  Examples: "Mountain", "Road" or "Gravel"
  2. Product Family - how it is going to appear to your customers.  Examples:  Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5" or "Specialized Tarmac"
  3. Size - for Mountain bikes you may want to put "S", "M" or "L".  For road you could put "56cm", "58cm" and so on
  4. Price Group - by default this is the same as your category but you can be more granular if you want be. It is how you set prices for your items.
  5. Qty - how many of this particular item and size combo you have.

When you're done, hit "Add" and BRM will create 3 levels of inventory hierarchy:

  1. The Category In this example, "Road" (the type of bike)
  2. The Product Family In this example, "Specialized Tarmac" (the model of bike)
  3.  The Product Line  In this example, "Specalized Tarmac-56cm" (the particilar size of this model)

If you don't want to add another Category, click Close Quick Add for now.

Notice that you can adjust the capacity of the Product lineusing the quantity clickers. Once you're happy with the capacity of your Product Line, it's time to create items using the Item Create button.

When you click the Item Create button, you are telling BRM to create records for the actual Itemsof inventory you customers will rent from you. Seems similar, but the power of this difference with become obvious is a second. 

On pressing the Item Create button, you'll be greated with the following message. Click "Create"!

Once BRM has created your Items, you'll be prompted to name them with an Item ID (don't worry you can easily change this later). You can name your items whatever you want. Just bear in mind that this Item ID will have to be fixed (with a sticker or otherwise) to each item so you know which is which. This means shorter is better! It is also recommended to choose a meaningful Item ID to avoid confusion. Here, we've chosen use size and model name combined with a number, giving Item ID of "56tarmac1", "56tarmac2" and "56tarmac3".

Adding another Product Line (same model, different size)

Lets say you now want to add you 58cm Specialized Tarmac's to your inventory. This couldn't be easier, simply click "Add to product family" on the right hand side of the row of the Product Family you wish to add a Product Line to. A new Product Line will be added in real time and you'll be prompted to enter the size of Product line.

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