When setting up your inventory in BRM, adding rental items is one of the initial steps. This guide will walk you through the process step by step.

It is important you understand the basics components of inventory hierarchy in BRM. See Key concepts for a quick reminder and Your Inventory Hierarchy for a more in-depth review.

Adding a whole new Category (Quick add)

To get started, navigate to the  Add / manage items page. Here, you'll find the + Quick Add  button located at the top right corner.

Fill in the following fields:

CategoryThis represents the top level in the hierarchy. Keep it general to facilitate easy navigation for users. Examples include Mountain, Road, or Gravel.
Product FamilyThis typically denotes the model of the product, irrespective of size. Examples include Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29 or Specialized Tarmac.
Product LineFor items like mountain bikes, you may specify sizes such as S, M, or L. For road bikes, you might use measurements like 56cm, 58cm, etc.
Price GroupBy default, this matches your category, but you can opt for greater granularity if needed. It dictates how prices are set for your items.
QuantityInput the number of items of this particular type that you have. This quantity can be easily adjusted later on.

Upon completion, click "Add", and BRM will establish four levels of inventory hierarchy:

The CategoryIn this instance, "Mountain" (representing the type of bike).
The Product FamilyIllustrated by "Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29" (indicating the bike model).
The Product LineSuch as "Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29 M" (denoting the specific size within this model).
The ItemsAutomatically assigned names (modifiable at a later time).

Should you desire to modify the names of any newly generated items, simply click on the edit pencil icon to access the item detail page: 

Adding another Product Line (same model, different size)

If you wish to include another Stumpjumper variant to your inventory, such as a size L, the process is straightforward. Click "Add to product family" located on the right-hand side of the corresponding Product Family row. A new Product Line will instantly appear, prompting you to input the size for this Product Line.

After creating the Product Line, adjust the quantity using the quantity clickers as needed. When you're satisfied with the quantity, proceed to generate items by clicking the Item Create button.

By clicking the "Item Create" button, you instruct BRM to generate records for the actual inventory items that your customers will rent from you. 

When you click the Item Create button, a confirmation popup will appear:

You can opt to designate a name stem, such as "stumpy," where your items will be labeled as stumpy1, stumpy2, and so forth. Alternatively, you can leave the name stem blank to utilize the default naming convention. eep in mind that you have the option to expedite inventory reporting by utilizing barcode scanning.

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