You can customize how your reservation invoices appear for customers. This is located in the Settings page titled "Document Settings" under General. You have the flexibility to enable or disable various settings to tailor your invoices to your preferences. Below are the options available for customization, they are numbered and highlighted on the dummy invoice by their given colour:

Dummy Invoice

Include Self-Service QR Code (Red - 1):

Enable this option to include a QR code on your invoices. This QR code allows your customers to manage their bookings. It is currently limited to cancelling bookings. Make sure you have Self Service Cancellations is enabled in Feature and Customisation. You can learn more about this feature [here].

Include SKU/ID Column (Blue - 2):

Decide whether you want to display the item/SKU/Item2 column on your invoices. This column shows unique identifiers for the items listed on your invoices.

Combine Item Level Extras (Orange - 3):

Choose whether you want to see the item level extras combined on your invoice. This simplifies the display of additional extras associated with each reservation.

Show Tax Rate Percentage (Green - 4):

Opt to view a breakdown of the tax rates applied to each reservation. This feature provides transparency regarding the tax rates involved in your transactions.

Show Tax Rate Reference (Purple - 5) :

Toggle this option to include a reference for each line's applicable tax rate. This helps indicate the rate applied to each pricing line for better clarity.

Show BRM Logo (Pink - 6):

Decide whether to display the BRM logo/url on your invoices. You can toggle this setting based on your preference for logo/url visibility.

Feel free to adjust these settings according to your needs and preferences. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help!