The Reservation Event viewer is very useful to see all the events relating to a particular reservation.

It is also a way of seeing the history of what was printed.

NEW: (Feb 2022)

You can now also see a history of prints in the Documents Tab

Take this booking, Sep0004-20

It was created with one bike, SJ52, and then printed:

Then we added a new bike SL4 and printed again:

Then let's say a few weeks later we want to see a record of what was printed (and perhaps sent to a customer etc.

We can easily fetch a snapshot of exactly what was printed by clicking on the PRINT icon on that date.

It will bring up what was printed on that date - yes we keep a record of all on the system for you.

So the first print will show 1 bike.

The second print will show 2 bikes.

Here is how a reservation with 2 versions would appear in the new Documents Tab:

Each version number is clearly indicated - and each can be accessed via the icon.

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