Sometimes you will want to store a list of delivery addresses.

Perhaps you have a regular customer who may want delivery to:

  1. an apartment (s)he owns in a holiday resort
  2. a hotel (s)he uses regularly
  3. their home address

BRM lets you do this with the Delivery Addresses function.  You can access this from within Customer and from within the Delivery Tab on the Reservation Detail Panel.

Here is how you can access the Delivery Addresses popup from with the Customer Detail Popup:

Here is how you can access the same popup but from within the Delivery Tab:

When you have a list of delivery addresses, you can do the following with them;

  1. add / edit delete delivery addresses for this customer
  2. use one of your addresses from the list to populate the delivery fields of a given reservation
  3. if you capture delivery data in your online customer bookings they will automatically go into your list