To remove a customer, you first need to load the Customer Detail Popup of the customer you wish to remove. 

At the bottom of the detail popup, click the "..." button to see the options.

Two types of customer removal are supported - Archiving and Forgetting. The differences are explained below.

Archive customer

Archiving a customer removes the customer from any customer searches in the app while retaining the customer information for historical purposes. For example, archiving John Doe above means we would no longer be able to find the customer by searching "John" or "Doe" but if we happened to stumble across a past reservation of this customer, the customer information will be retained in the reservation.

Forget customer

Forget customer is GDPR compliant whereas Archive customer is not. To enable forget customer, turn on the GDPR feature in Features and Customizations.

Similar to archiving, forgetting a customer will remove them from all customer searches. However, forget customer goes one step further and permanently deletes all personally identifiable information from the customer record. If we chose to forget customer John Doe above, any previous reservations made by this customer could not be identified as theirs and the customer record will be empty.