This feature allows you to take any reservation and copy (clone) it for some other date range.

Why clone a reservation?

Here are a couple of business scenarios for clone reservation:

  • A customer wants to reserve the same kit as before - but for different dates.
  • You offer 'packages' of equipment that you want to rent together. ¬†An example being a digital equipment store, 5 x camera, 2 x tripod and 4 extra batteries. You can save a template reservation and clone it when the customer wants to re-book.

What is copied over in the clone?

Here are the things that are copied over:

  • Rental items (e.g. bikes / cameras / skis)
  • Customer link - the customer record is not copied but the new reservation links to the same customer record as the original.
  • Customer link per reservation detail - as above but for each rental item, if applicable.
  • Extras within the reservation
  • The date range, specifically the day of the month and the start and end times. The year is incremented by one. The specific day and start and end times can then be edited in the cloned reservation.

What is not copied over in the clone?

Here is what you don't get with your copy (for good reason)

  • Reservation stage. We always start again at the beginning stage; draft (meaning we don't save dates - see below)
  • Reservation dates. We don't add calendar dates for each rental item until you visit the reservation and set the precise dates you need.

Clone reservation walkthrough

Navigate to the reservation you'd like to clone and select More -> Clone:

You'll then be asked to confirm the clone, after which you will be re-directed to the cloned reservation. Double check the dates of the cloned reservation and update if necessary. Then go to More -> Rebook. This will rebook the reservation dates of the items and remove the draft flag.

You can then advance to the appropriate stage, whether it be Provisional or Confirmed by clicking the next stage button: