What if your store does a very high volume of rentals during peak periods?  Say 100 or more rentals per day with lines of customers frequently out of the store.  You need to process them as quickly as possible whilst ensuring the safety of your assets (bikes etc) and your customers.  You need to make sure amongst all the chaos, you do all the paperwork, payments & deposits etc.  You need to know where all your assets are at any time and can track all reservations in real-time.

Then you need BRM EVO (Elevated Volume Operations)

(we don't charge extra for EVO mode - but you will need GBAL - which is an optional extra)

BRM EVO is built upon the solid foundation of BRM, but is specifically designed to help with large volumes (of customers and kit).  We do this using two key principles:

  • breaking down the task of renting stuff into smaller sub-processes, which can be done in parallel, by different people (registration, paying, bike collection)
  • using mobile devices, where appropriate, to speed things up (tablets, phones, scanners etc)

Elements of the new capability are already being rolled out, please contact us if you think you might be interested in hearing more...

Here are the 3 stages of EVO (not necessarily in this order):

  1. self registration
  2. book & pay (using express mode generically)
  3. collect bikes (allocating)