BRM prioritizes speed and efficiency, aiming to minimize the number of clicks and keystrokes required for each operation.

For the quickest reservation process (create mode), follow these steps:

  • Find and select customer or create new customer.
  • Select your dates.
  • Choose the desired items (bikes).
  • Create the reservation creation.

In the provided example, two bikes were selected before initiating the reservation creation.

Afterward, simply specify your customer (either by searching or creating a new one) and click on create to finalize the process.

BRM is engineered to display item availability before confirming a booking, enabling proactive decision-making. In case of errors, utilize the 'X' function to remove one or more selections.

While it's possible to create a reservation without initially selecting items and add them later, this method inherently consumes more time. We advise against this workflow.

Various reservation methods exist, tailored to your operational needs. Explore the provided link below for a comprehensive overview of available options.

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