BRM lets you output your key data in .csv format. In BRM2.0, the .csv file will be emailed to the logged in user who requested the report. This data is easily imported into a spreadsheet for further analysis or for simply printing a hard copy.

BRM2.0 currently allows for the export of the following:

  1. Reservations, there are two options:
    1. Just Reservations
    2. Reservations broken down into its constituent items (inventory)
  2. Transactions
  3. Customer database
  4. Inventory

See below for more details about each of these exports.

Where do I find the export page?

On the left-hand menu, select "Reports" where you'll find the "Export data" lozenge:

The export page then looks like this:

Selecting data to export

All exports follow the same pattern - choose the type of data you're interested in followed by a date range. 

Step 1 - Select type of data**For reservations only, you can turn on "line per item detail" to break out your reservations per asset (increased detail).**

Step 2 - Select date range

Use the calendar dropdowns to select specific dates or use the quick search filters on the right.

**The date ranges apply to each of the data types as follows:**

Reservations: Includes reservations occurring between selected dates.

Transactions: Includes transactions processed between selected dates.

Customers: Includes customers created between selected dates.

Inventory: Includes items created between selected dates.

Step 3 - Request report

Upon requesting the report, the logged in user will be sent an email containing the .csv file.

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