So, let's say you are interested in exporting a product definition to the PC.

That way you can re-use all that good stuff, either in another one of your stores or on another occasion. 

(or even potentially so the wider community can import your product definition) 

How do you do that?

Well, first of all, what do we mean by exporting a product definition?

BRM / RSM has a very strict hierarchy and that is what makes it so powerful.  You set up your inventory and it is instantly available for online booking on your site, or indeed using other distribution channels.

So, all of this means that a product definition really exists across a few different levels:


Product Family

Product Line

So when we export we mean all of that data.

Let me demonstrate with this example

Here is a board defined in the BRM / RSM back office:

A Burton Kilroy Directional  here available in 2 sizes; 154 and 158

and here is how that gear will appear when in Online Booking:

So when you EXPORT from within BRM / RSM  you hit the 'Define SKU' button

N.B. You do the export from the Product Line - which is the most precise layer...

and that will show you what you export:

Sound complicated?

It is not!  You press one button to export!

We have taken a lot of complex data and turned it into one-click export :)