If you are using the GBAL module you will want to see the activity for your Product Lines.

GBAL is an optional premium module within BRM

If you turn your GBAL toggle on, and you search for availability in the Reservations Create page, you will see something like this when viewing availability for your PLs. (Product Lines)

Each cell in the grid will show a summary of the availability.

We use a simple traffic light system:

  • Green: less than a third of capacity booked
  • Orange: third to two-thirds booked
  • Red: over two-thirds booked.

Let's take an example: (see above)

Saturday the 4th July for the BCAH - 19-000 PL

The activity summary shows 94 of 245 products booked in that PL

The activity is orange.  (not empty, not full, in middle)

Clicking on the grid cell will show the Product Line Summary Panel, see below...

The Product Line Summary Panel

This will show you the date and the Product Line - in the header.

(if there is a short-code for the PL it will be included on the right)

Date: 2020-0704

Product: High Crossbard, BCAH-19-0000

Then it will show you a summary of activity for that product  & date

Activity Summary: 94 of 245 booked, hence orange.

Product Lines: 53 products booked generically - at the PL level - on that date

Items: 41 Items allocated on that date

Then it will show you a list of relevant reservations;

Clicking on a row will take you to the detail for that Reservation