Why would you want to do this?

  • perhaps you want to run all your transactions (retail and rental) through one system, Lightspeed.  In this way BRM manages your rentals & Lightspeed processes all payments.
  • however, you don't necessarily want to START in Lightspeed.  Perhaps because you only take money on check-out, or on check-in.  Or perhaps because you have an unexpected charge to add at some later stage of a rental, like a late payment.

How does it work?

When you want to transfer a rental into LS you do the following.

when you come to do a payment, either an ad-hoc payment or due to a stage transition, you simply choose Lightspeed as your method of payment

(video BRM to LS demo here)

To add a transaction and pay in Lightspeed use the 'Add Transaction' button and just select Lightspeed as your payment method:

This will then transfer your payment into Lightspeed so the payment can be completed there.  They will appear in the quotes section of your Lightspeed, so you can then take it to your register:


Please make sure you SORT BY Quote # in Lightspeed to make sure your inbound quotes appear at the top of the list each time to do that simply press on the QUOTE # column and make sure arrow is ^ so that recent quotes are up top....

Quick Giphy (no sound)

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