Q: so you have a FREE tier now!! What do I get for that?

A: correct -  we created a FREE tier in response to all the people who wanted many of the features of a full BRM subscription but on a smaller scale.


BRM FREE is all about letting you have an online presence for your rental business, with a fully-featured online booking experience. (not just a booking form)

That online booking component can be deployed as many times as you like - for example on your website, and on bike.rent - our own FREE distribution portal.  You can even deploy it a partner website, like hotel or tourism office.

Paid subscriptionFREE
full functionalitybooking requests only notifications, not full management
Inventoryfull functionality
limited inventory count
not physical Items only online presence
Settingsfull functionality
limited in scope
Customersfull functionality
no customers page
Reportsfull functionality
no reporting

You get a simple back office which lets you:

  • add your bikes and prices
  • define how you sell - your opening hours, currency etc
  • define how you want to be notified of reservations etc:
    • emails
    • slack notifications
  • there is no reservation management and in-store Point of Sale system - you would need to upgrade to full BRM for that.
  • take more bookings for FREE!! - not even a commission per rental.  

Here is the above explanation as a diagram: