Setting assets 'for sale'

BRM understands that your assets will go through their own lifecycle, from ordered to sold.  At every stage of the lifecycle the asset is said to have a status, which describes where it is in that cycle.

Details of the asset lifecycle can be found here

Setting assets to for sale

You'll see that setting an asset to 'for sale' is a vital part of the lifecycle, so that you or your staff know that it can be sold, and at what price for.  However its not a 'status' like the other stages of the lifecycle, but a 'flag' that you set.

In this way you can carry on using your asset without fear of its 'for sale' attribute being overwritten as the bike is check-in or checked-out etc.  For example, towards the end of your season, you may want to continue renting your assets, selling them to any customers (or general public) who ask.

How to set assets for sale

  • first all open the manageFleet page, within the Fleet navigation section.
  • this page is comprised of 3 tabs, you want the first one Asset Management
  • select the bike(s) you're interested in either by ID2 or category
  • now make sure you can make changes by pressing the EDIT mode button (this requires privleges for your account)
  • now right click on the asset you want to set for sale.  It will bring up this menu:
  • optionally, you can write in a sale price (just the numbers e.g. 140) 
  • then press the set for Sale menu item 
  • to remove the for sale flag, do the same thing, but press the remove For Sale menu item