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Allow Online Security Deposits

Interface with online payment processors (like Stripe) to allow online deposits to be made by customer, and refunded by shop when appropriate

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This and the ability to add deposits to price groups would be amazing!

researching just this solution;  

taking a security//damage deposit as a 'pending transaction'.

AS i understand the desired process:

  A Pending transaction ensures there is sufficient credit available, then secures that amount from the customer's available credit. Should the bike come back damaged, a charge can be made for the actual amount of damage, out of the pending transaction amount, or most likely the pending transaction is cancelled giving that 'reserved credit' back to the client. I believe in the process, the payment processor takes no fee, unless the pending transaction becomes an actual transaction.

Is there a process to allow such a 'pending transaction' via Stripe as a payment processor?

found this tidbit within BRM documentation. I may need to update this comment as I dig in deeper.

solution provided by BRM.  In Stripe Payment processor, the type of transaction can be selected as either Payment or Security. It is the Security choice to be used to make a pending transaction.

could this part of the Stripe API be used?   just a thought, to bring this topic to life.

I need to understand this requirement better.

Because we already do this right??

you can take either:

  1. no payment
  2. partial payment (deposit)
  3. full payment

please can you tell us how this idea differs from this?

To take a security deposit, separate from the rental payment, when booking online, and treated as such in the back office. We allow security deposits to be taken in the back office, but not separated online. Stripe pre-authroization might go some ways towards bridging this gap.

thanks for clarification - I've updated the topic name to avoid confusion with Booking Deposits.

Will this feature be coming soon? I see a "Security" dropdown option in the Add Transactions  section but I am not sure if this will be of use. 

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This would be superb!

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