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extra's that behave like inventory (and track stock levels)

It would be a great feature to have Extras (e.g. pedals etc) that track inventory levels. In other words, they would behave like extras - in that they are added to other inventory, but they would also track inventory levels.

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This is very helpful especially in road bike rental. At the moment we have three times as many road bike pedals as necessary.

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This would be great some extras are limited so its possible to overbook them.

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We are having the same problem. Options being overbooked.

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We are having a similar issue. Choices being overbooked.

virtual phone number

As this is now flagged as DEFERRED
We came up with an idea for options: To put them into inventory like bikes, that way we can track numbers.

Although it causes a slight problem showing the number of bikes booked.

Thanks all,

this is a hugely important feature and we're still planning to do it during 2022 hopefully.

Im here exactly for this problem. Hoping for a solution as soon as possible because we also get our extras overbooked often.
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