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Allow category specific online booking widgets

We would like to advertise rentals/demos (different categories) in different places on our site without showing all other categories in our widget. It would be nice to have category specific online booking widgets. (e.g. BookingBug allows/provides service-specific booking widgets)Thanks!

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Having trouble getting this to work, and the page above is no longer available. Is there a new page for how to do this?

I had some luck embedding a specific category into a WordPress page using the following approach to  BRM iFrame:

<iframe title="Live booking" id="brm-online-booking" src=";categories=1602944212955" style="width: 1px;min-width: 100%;" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe>

"1602944212955" was taken by inspecting the button link in BRM for a fishing category, which was s2-category-1602944212955, and by process of elimination, I was able to replace "src=";categories=Fishing" with "src=";categories=1602944212955" - removing 's2-category-' from the link that BRM uses.

This works as expected in Firefox and Safari, but in Chrome, the BRM interface shows a spinner and nothing ever loads.

Hi Jono,

I have updated the link to point to the new version:

Please let us know which store you are working with and we'll help you get this set up.



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