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location aware inventories

Right now Multi-store has two options:

1) different, independent BRM systems.

2) One BRM system, but with multi-location features enabled.

This is pretty good, but both solutions are kind of extremes, extreme independence, or extreme collaboration.

There has always been a demand for a solution more in the middle of these two extremes:

different BRMs, but sharing the same inventory (and location aware)

Here is our current working diagram:

The clever bit would be 1 online booking across all locations, but each store has it's own BRM.

The bikes are central, location aware, and can be moved around.

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To be honest, the proposed solution above is a bit unclear to me... 

However, to speak to our experience - we have some overlap of assets between our different locations which means we have to waste time importing the same asset information into each store's BRM system. 

Ideally, it would be awesome if we could import all the asset information (models, sizes, descriptions, images, and size ranges) once (preferably into just one file) and just specify quantity of each asset at each location.

Additionally, it'd be cool if we could Transfer inventory from one location to another without having to re-enter asset notes, images, etc and it would be great if it could retain historical rental data as well. 

Hi Helene,

many thanks for your comment. Yes this is exactly what we have designed.

Central repository of inventory for an organisation - knows about which inventory an organisation has to make it easier for stores to 'pick'.  With all details like image, notes etc

Transfer mechanism so you can move inventory between stores without losing all your associated meta-data.

Finally online booking will be location-aware so it will only let you sell what is locationally-available (as well as date-available)

Plan to deliver it during 2019.

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