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allow 'buffers' to prevent bookings being made too close together for same item.

add logistical buffers before or after bookings to allow some turn-around time.e.g. don't book a bike the day before it is due to be moved to a new location (1 day relocation buffer, pre and post rental)e.g. don't book a bike for 1 hour after a rental to allow time for it to be inspected.

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Buffers are possibly the most important feature request for us! We allow users a buffer time to come pick-up their gear before actual use and then an additional buffer for drop-off time on the day following use. 

So say a customer books a 2 day rental from 12/20-12/22. They will be able to come pick-up the item on 12/19 after 3pm and then they can return the item on 12/23 before 12pm. We only want to charge them for the two days they are actually using the items but we also want to make that the items are unavailable for booking on the back-end the entire time it is in their possession. 

Currently, we've kind of hacked it to make it work for out needs but it is very confusing for the customer when booking. We instruct them to select the day of pick up (prior to use) and then select the duration (of use). Ideally, they could just select the days of the actual use of the rental items and then it would automatically calculate and inform them of the pick-up buffer time and drop-off buffer time.

Thanks for your consideration! 

"For the booking tool, we had to get really creative to get the pricing working the way we would like. There must be a better way to manage this! Maybe by adding a pick up buffer time, pricing window, and drop off buffer time.


  • I agree - you really need the booking buffer feature.



Additionally, the date selection at the top of the tool is incredibly confusing for our customer’s since we have such a unique rental window. Currently, there is “From”; “Pickup Time” and “Duration”. I’m not sure how best to solve this but at the very least I believe there should be a “Return Date” as well as a “Return Time”. Maybe we just have the customer select the days they would like to use the gear and then we just have inline text that changes the “Pick-up Date & Time” and “Return Date & Time”. I think that would be best but would require a pick-up buffer time and return buffer time that we can manage in Settings as I mentioned above. "

This is a good idea, if we can set the before and after buffer for each assets rather than globally that would be even better.


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