Problem Solving

Problem Solving - 'undo' progress reservation
Sometimes you might have pressed the progress Reservation button by mistake, and want to back up a step. Whilst there is no 'undo' button in BRM...
Thu, 23 Sep, 2021 at 6:26 PM
Reservation Stages - a closer look
So we have Reservation Stages, and each reservation normally follows a set lifecycle pattern, simple enough.   But there is a lot going on behind the sc...
Wed, 22 Dec, 2021 at 12:35 PM
Problem Solving - how can my item not be available when it is not reserved?
When is an available bike not available? If you operate in GBAL mode, or you let your renters book stuff online without allocating a bike right away then y...
Sun, 2 Aug, 2020 at 1:29 PM
Problem Solving - can't find my reservation
don't forget to include cancelled reservations;
Wed, 5 Aug, 2020 at 12:18 AM
Problems logging in
If you can't log in to BRM it will probably be for one of the following reasons Wrong Data Centre? You are accessing the wrong servers, we hav...
Wed, 23 Feb, 2022 at 5:26 PM
login mis-wiring
The following situation can happen if you are not careful. You add a new user account to your store; (in this case a generic one) ...
Wed, 23 Sep, 2020 at 9:49 AM
Problem Solving - wrong door!
Are you having problems logging in?!? Might be that you're using the wrong door! BRM has two 'doors' US - for our Nort...
Thu, 3 Jun, 2021 at 3:57 PM
getting invited to BRM
In order to access BRM, you first need to be invited to a specific store. You can't access BRM just by visiting the login page.  (that is only ...
Mon, 14 Jun, 2021 at 8:02 PM