Why would you want to do this?

  • perhaps you want to run all your transactions (retail and rental) through one system, Citrus Lime.  In this way BRM manages your rentals & Citrus Lime processes all payments.
  • however, you don't necessarily want to START in Citrus Lime.  Perhaps because you only take money on check-out, or on check-in.  Or perhaps because you have an unexpected charge to add at some later stage of a rental, like a late payment.

How does it work?

When you want to transfer a rental transaction into Citrus Lime you do the following.

When you come to do a payment, either by Adding Transactions or due to a stage transition, you simply choose Citrus Lime POS as your method of payment

To add a transaction and pay in Citrus Lime

  1. use the 'Add Transaction' button 
  2. and just select Citrus Lime POS as your payment method:

This will then transfer your payment into Citrus Lime so the payment can be completed there.  

In Citrus Lime select the till you would like to transact through: 

Citrus Lime will then refresh with the transferred information including customer details, pricing and items.

You can then add any retail items you would like to the same order. 

To complete the transaction you need to hit "set transaction type" 

Select "Work Order" 


You can then tick "pick up" and Tender the item

Tender the item:

Once the transaction is completed you can return to BRM. 

BRM gets notified every 30 seconds of any transactions that have taken place on CL. 

BRM will update the stage from provisional to Confirmed once notified and you will be able to see a detailed log of the transaction place in both the transactions and events tab of the RDP. 

And the transaction tab:

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