We often get asked about the difference between these two numbers, capacity and items.

Let's start with full definitions:

  • Capacity - the operational capacity of this Product Line.  How many concurrent bookings are possible for any given date & time.
  • Items - how many actual items are in this Product Line. (crucially including non-operational items)

(we start with Product Lines and add up the numbers when we show Product Family and Category numbers)

For example, take the example below, how can we have a capacity of 3 but 5 items?

The answer comes when you look at the items below a Product Line (PL)

Let's open it up and look inside:

As you'd expect, with a capacity of 3 it shows 3 operational bikes - 2 out, 1 ready.

To see the non-operational ones I have to click on the filters at the top to display non-operational Items;

Then I see my two additional bikes - two that have been sold

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