When you create physical items you may, optionally, want to auto-name them.

Take this example.  I have 10 XL Stumpjumpers, and I'm now ready to create my items:

When I click on the + button I see the create dialogue:

I decide on my 'name stem' that I want to be the base of all my names for this Product Line:

in this case, I am using SJXL as my name stem:

Now when I create my Items are auto-named in sequence:

Additionally (if you are using GBAL or packages) the Product Line is given that name stem as a shortcode:

Q. What if you add 10 bikes, and then come back later to add another 10?

A. if you keep your name stem the same it will just carry on where it left off.

i.e. SJXL1-10 first time around

SJXL11-20 second time around.

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