Q:  what is the difference between Stripe 'inline' and the new 'Stripe Checkout'?

It is all to do with:

  • range of payment methods you offer as a store
  • how integrated you want the experience to be

BRM's default - for many years now - has been to offer Stripe 'inline'.  This means that your customers can pay (or leave a deposit) right inside our online booking.

Here is an example (with dummy credit card data)

The new Stripe Checkout does offer more payment options, but there are two implications:

  • customers will be redirected to Stripe to complete payment
  • you need to set up webhooks - so that your BRM is notified when these payments take place

When your customers pay they will be taken to a new page to complete payment.

(but there will be far more options for payment on that page)

Here is a quick pros / cons table

Stripe inline
Stripe Inline NEWStripe checkout
payment methods

credit cards
Apple Pay
Google Pay
'bank transfer payment methods' like iDEAL, SOFORT

setup / experience

same page as booking experience
setup: need to setup webhooks

experience: customer will leave to complete payment


full payment
partial payment
zero payment (card vault behaviour)

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