Pay on return mode

It is our experience that the majority of rental shops take rental payments when the items are taken (checked out). However some businesses only take payment on return.

This allows a more open-ended style of rental which perhaps encourages the customer to 'go off and enjoy themselves' without being constrained by a pre-defined time limit.

BRM supports this mode of operation.

When you check out the equipment it will not ask for a transaction but just proceeds to checked out stage.
Your rental will now be in the checked-out stage - for the full day duration in this case.

But when the rental comes back it will do some clever stuff:

  1. it will let you proceed the rental to checked-in as normal.
  2. but then it will auto-adjust the RENTAL TIMES so that the checkin time now matches the current time
  3. it will recalculate the rental price if a price change is required.
  4. you are then able to record / process your payment as appropriate.

How to enable this feature:

Pay on Return mode is an optional feature - meaning it must first be enabled in 

Settings > Features and Customization