If you automatically forward emails from BRM then your recipients will apply the Bike Rental Manages authentication checks to authenticate the message, which may result in the forwarded emails being marked as spam or blocked. 

When you automatically forward an email the recipient cannot authenticate the forwarding mail server, though they can use DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication method to check the message.  DKIM is designed to survive automatic forwarding, so emails with DKIM signatures such as the ones set by BRM are not typically impacted by email forwarding.  However, this is dependent upon the forwarding entity not altering the message headers or altering the message body. 

There are some common reasons that may alter the forwarded mail and cause authentication failures, for example: 

  • When anti-virus or anti-spam programs modifying the body of the message.
  • When modifying the message content, for example removing or adding attachments or logos.

Recipients may also factor in the reputation of the forwarding mail server and domain to assess the legitimacy of the forwarded email, so you should ensure you use a reputable mail service and implement SPF.  The DMARC operation resource center maintains an Email Forwarder Directory and flags those that preserve the message and associated DKIM signature.

Forwarding BRM emails

If you intend to forward emails from BRM we recommend you implement SPF and ensure the BRM email is forwarded without modification so the DKIM signature is still valid.  If they are not, then please work with your email service provider to ensure the message and associated signature is preserved when forwarded.  

How BRM email security may impact your forwarding

BRM uses DKIM and a further protocol known as DMARC.  Our DMARC configuration will impact automatically forwarded BRM emails because recipients will use BRM’s DMARC settings to authenticate the email.   Forwarded emails that don’t preserve the BRM DKIM signature or modify the message may be marked as spam or rejected by the recipient.