The Content Panel is all about customising the actual content you send in response to certain events:

You can choose which message you are looking at with the menu at the top.

Then change the subject and content of each message

The checkbox below is used to set whether or not this notification is on or off.

There are currently 5 messages that BRM sends to your customers;

Provisional - optional automated response to a provisional online booking

Confirmed - automated response to a confirmed online booking

Pre-Rental - before the reservation goes out

Pre-Return - [coming soon] an optional reminder before they are due to return items.

Post rental - when you want to follow up and see how they found your service

Adhoc - when you're in a reservation and want to communicate about that reservation with that customer

So how do these settings affect the content of the emails?

Please see this diagram;

First of all, unique to emails. (yellow in the above diagram)

  1. the subject goes in the subject line of the email and is repeated at the top of the email below logo and address.  (please note in most cases we append the reservation reference too)
  2. the content goes next in the email.  (it can be customised from the content panel)

Secondly, the rest of the content is shared with what is printed out when you hit print. (blue in the above)

A. the shop name, shop logo, shop address, shop number.

B. remaining 'reservation printout' data.  Barcode, reservation details, waiver etc.

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