One of the most powerful parts of BRM is the control of your inventory.

Each key status is represented by a status symbol as part of the wider Item Lifecycle

Please note we have mini-icons and larger icons depending on how much space is available on your BRM screen.

What you may not realise at first glance is that we have also arranged asset statuses into phases.

Each phase has its own colour too (on the left-hand side)

not bookablebookable - unless brokennot bookablenot bookable
quite well hidden

This diagram gives an overview of how the various statuses fit into the overall lifecycle

Please Note -  broken is special.  This is why the diagram shows it as halfway outside the operational circle.  Whilst broken it can no longer be booked.  Broken also causes the capacity of your PLs to be reduced.

BRM will warn you if you have reservations containing broken bikes

BRM will also warn you if you have reservations containing non-operational bikes.

To repair a broken bike you must record a service ( you can't just change its status to ready)

See also 

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