**This article refers to a deprecated page. For the updated BRM2.0 version please see Item Bulk update (BRM2.0)**

There is a bulk update feature so that you can change multiple items at once.

There are two things about your items you can change using this page:

  1. status of your items
  2. location of your items (if you are a multi-location user)

Here are some examples when you may want to use this feature:

  • You are moving a bunch of bikes between warehouse and stores. 
  • You are moving bikes between stores
  • You are delivering bikes to clients
  • You are doing a stock-take (inventory count)
  • You have just received back a lot of bikes from a rental and want to set them all to checked in

You access the feature here:

Inventory > Scan & change

When you access the page you will see this:

It is very simple to use:

  1. scan or type in your Item IDs (or barcodes). Your bikes will appear in the list below when found.  When you have your list you will want to make your changes.
  2. choose status or location (if applicable)
  3. select your new status or location
  4. press update to update each Item in your list.