When a customer makes a booking capture the details you need

On the Checkout page your customers will be required to supply their details in order to proceed.

on the checkout page the person making the reservation is required to provide certain information

You, as the store operator, can specify which data you need to collect from each of your people making a reservation in your system.

Core data / optional data

The first 3 fields are always present and always mandatory.  They are:

  • Email address
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Then, optionally, stores can request any additional information they choose to configure. (see customising which questions you ask)

Mandatory / optional data

The store can also determine, for any additional data specified, if it is optional or mandatory.

Any mandatory data will be shown with an asterisk and must be supplied before a booking can be made.

Guest Checkout / account creation

One of the big advantages over this online booking page (compared to others and previous version) is that the Customer decides if they want to create an account with your store - not the store.

This is really important as it will maximise your conversion rate.

Google SSO

When the user gets to the Checkout page they can choose to either just complete their details (guest checkout) or log back in:

If they already have an account with this store they can choose to login.

If they choose the account route they can either create an account with an email and password.

OR login to an existing one

OR use Google to sign up.

Capture delivery information

It is up to the store to decide if they want to capture delivery information during the checkout process.

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