Providing integrated online payments inside a Software solution like ours is very popular & powerful and yet also means we need to keep updating our integration to keep track of latest security features and regulations in online payments.

BRM recently upgraded to the very latest API from Stripe to keep up to date with online payment best practices, such as SCA.  This meant that quite a few things changed in relation to the way cards are stored, and charges are run against stored cards.

This upgrade should allow you to continue to take 0% 'payments' online with Stripe, hence storing cards for subsequent charging.

You have 5 simple steps to follow.

  1. In order to use this upgrade you must first ensure that, in Online Payment Methods, Stripe Checkout must be disabled. (it not compatible and you don't need it anymore)
  2. Request to trial from your friendly Customer Success Manager.  They will turn on the new feature  'Upgrade OBW Stripe API' in the Features and Customisation section.
  3. Setup a new webhook (at the top, not stripe checkout)
  4. When you go onto OBW, you should have the new implementation.
  5. Ensure you have at least one payment method enabled in your Stripe Dashboard

Some screenshots of the above steps;

1. Ensure you're not using 'Stripe checkout':  (but you don't need to now anyway).

3. When you have the new version enabled you'll need to 'setup webooks.

When webhooks setup you will see this:

2. Here is where your CSM will enable the upgrade in your system:

4. When enabled your Customer Booking Page will now look like this, in the payment section of your Customer Booking Page (OBW3)

Some of the sections are optional and configured in your Stripe account

e.g. do you accept Google Pay.  Do you request Country / Zip etc.

5 Ensure you have at least one payment method enabled in your Stripe Checkout

e.g. credit card / Apple Pay etc.

Help on how to do that here