The Groups feature of kiosk is a very powerful feature.  Particularly in the Ski industry

Here is the workflow

  1. 1st group member uses 'Registrater Group' on the kiosk
  2. they invite all members of the group to register, by doing 'add member'
  3. the group is beamed into the BRM back office as a group
  4. you create the reservation against this group - in the normal way
  5. you can see that this reservation belongs to a group and view members.
  6. you can then (optionally) assign each member of the group to a package / item in the Reservation List Panel.

Let's break down the steps into some detail and see what it looks like...

1. The first customer uses the button 'Register Group' and invites his fellow group member;

2. When ready, with all group members added, they press 'Register group' to send it to the BRM back office.

the system auto-suggests a group name, which can be edited.

3. The group gets 'beamed' instantly into the BRM back office so that it can be used to make a reservation.  You may notice it contains a group icon, instead of an individual;

4. You now use this 'group record' to create a reservation in the usual way.  When you're about to create the reservation it will show you that you are dealing with a group;

5. When you open the Reservation Detail Panel for this reservation you will see that it belongs to a group:

5b. If you click on 'View group' you will see who is in the group

6. Here is the clever bit!  Each row of the Reservation Detail Panel can be assigned to a customer so you know which of your group is using which bit of kit (inventory)  To make these assignments simply on the customer button where you will see a menu of choices.

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