We now offer the option to 'overlay' the Online Booking Wizard over a page on your website rather as an alternative to embedding in an iframe or using a direct link. 

If you would like to try out this feature, contact support@bikerentalmanager.com and we'll happily enable it for you!

What does it look like?

We add a link or button to the top of your webpage for customers to view our Booking Wizard:

Clicking this will bring up the Booking Wizard:

How do I implement the overlay?

Copy the code provided into the bottom of the BODY tag on your chosen web page. We’ve provided a simple hyperlink tag example to show how to display the overlay. Refresh your page and make sure that that the provided hyperlink works and triggers the overlay. Once you’ve made sure it works properly, remove the hyperlink (optional) and set the overlay to trigger where you want.

Technical details

The BRM OBW overlay is loaded asynchronously into your webpage, however, we provide a function at the window level that allows any commands you issue to the overlay to be stored which will then activate upon the script being loaded and initialized.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about checking if it has been loaded. Just make sure any code that interacts with BRM OBW Overlay comes after your <SCRIPT> tag you’ve put in your web page’s body.