Please note this is an experimental feature!
cannot be used right now - but meanwhile please see Category Linking instead

Imagine you have all your products laid out neatly on your website, with beautiful images and descriptions.

Either because you sell them as well, or because you just want to present your rental inventory in the best way possible.

Of course you will want to be able to have a nice 'book now' button on those actual products, well now you can!!

The clever bit is that it will open up a BRM online booking and deep-link directly into that product.

Here is how you do it:

try it here in our demo store

(make your button point to that URL with your correct bike shop name and the proper SKU number for the item you want to link to. To find your proper bike shop name, open your online booking page and copy the name that is in that URL just as it appears)

Make sure you tag that product line with that SKU, in your inventory.

(note, all items in the same product line (generic) must share the same SKU - that is what your customers will be booking online)

So here is the result, deep linking directly to the hybrid that they clicked on!