This is one of those things - you will either know immediately what we're talking about here, or you won't care!

It all really depends on how much space you have relative to your inventory size.

  • More bikes than space - leading to piles or stacks of bikes.  Hence "back of pile" problem.
  • Plenty of space - meaning you can 'pick out' individual bikes.

'Piles of bikes' kind of shop

Take a look at this image, does it look familiar?

If this looks at all familiar then you will understand this statement:

"I have so many bikes I would never dream of searching through piles of bike just to find a particular one.  I just need to know I have enough of that kind of bike to take the booking.  I then give the customer the first from the pile." 

In which case you will want to make use of the powerful BRM feature: 'GBAL'; Generic Book', Allocate Later.

'Neatly racked / accessible bikes' kind of store

If however you are spoilt for space relative to your inventory size you may be more familiar with this kind of thing:

You can pick out individual bikes.

This is definitely easier to handle.  Customer books.  Allocate an actual bike. Give to the customer, Track that bike.

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