Here we walk through the process of signing up for BRM.

There are 4 simple pages to walk through to select your product(s) and make your purchase.

1. Select plan

  • choose your currency
  • choose your payment duration (annual is 20% better value)
  • choose your plan, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum depending on how many rental items (e.g. bikes) you have.

2. Select any optional extras

select any optional modules / services you may require:

  1. multi-location 
  2. priority setup (get a dedicated account manager for setup and help entering inventory)
  3. TAE (tours / activities / events) 
  4. delivery module 
  5. GBAL

3. Enter your Billing Information

Name, address, company information.

Don't forget to enter your Tax ID

Agree to our Terms of Use

4. Enter your payment information

here is your opportunity to enter any promo code (if applicable)

  • enter your credit card details
  • check everything is right (package, duration, price, tax (if applicable) etc)
  • hit Subscribe to get started!