item 'current location'

If you use multi-location one of the most important features is the current location field.

It defines where an item is currently located, regardless of where its home location might be.

It can be viewed (and set) from various parts of BRM, some examples here;

on Reservations

On a reservation (Reservation Detail Panel) you can see the current location of each item contained in the rental, when you activate the locations lozenge:

Finally, when creating reservations, you can enable columns to show current location:

again - you must use the cog to choose to display the location columns.

On your actual Inventory

on the inventory shape page - if you choose the current location view you can see it for many items;

Please note that when viewing in current location view you can also change the location quickly of each Item:

(this saves you having to visit each Item Detail page individually)

on the inventory search page

you can't currently see current location - though we're likely to introduce this in the future (you can see Home location)

On the Item Detail page, you can see the Item Current location:

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