Creating packages is simple, requiring only one additional step over standard item creation.

Navigate to the Inventory / Manage page and click Options then click Create Category:

  1. Create a new category for your packages (note: you cannot mix packages and items in the same category). Here we have simply called it "Packages".
  2. Choose a name for your package, here we have chosen "Ski Package". Note: the name of the productmust contain the word "package".
  3. Choose a size. Examples include "Adult", "Child", "Universal", "OneSize"
  4. Choose or create a new price group. By default, a new price group with the same name as the Category is created.
  5. Choose the number of packages. Note: contrary to standard items, the package quantity refers to the maximum number of packages per rental. For example, here we have chosen 5, meaning that a maximum of 5 packages can be assigned to a reservation upon creation. More packages can be added to this reservation after it has been created and an unlimited number of reservations with packages can be created concurrently.

Any new inventory is created as an item by default, we now need to change the type manually to a package. Once created, click the pencil icon in the Product Family row to bring up the detail page:

Once on the Product Family detail page, click on the pencil icon in the Inventory type field:

Select Package from the dropdown and hit save:

Side note: If you do not see the option to change Inventory type to Package, navigate to Settings -> Features and Customization and enable the Packages feature. You must have the Administrator privilege to do this.

All done, if you navigate back to the Inventory / Manage page you'll see the Package icon indicating these are now inventory type of Package:

Note that you will also need to add actual items in another category to be assigned to your Packages when you make reservations. In this example, the Ski Packages use of the items in the Ski Equipment Category:

Next see Assigning items to Packages in a reservation for a walkthrough of using Package in practice.