What is bulk update for?

The bulk update page allows you to modify multiple items in your inventory in one go, without needing to visit each individual item detail page.

Some examples of when you may what to use this feature include,

  • You are moving a bunch of items between warehouses and stores.¬†
  • You are moving items between stores
  • You are delivering¬†items to clients
  • You are doing a stock-take (inventory count)
  • You have just received back a lot of bikes from a rental and want to set them all to checked in

Currently, the following operations are supported:

  1. Update item status (for example from Ready --> Sold)
  2. Update item location (useful if moving several items from location A --> location B)

Where can I find bulk update?

The bulk update page is found under Inventory --> Bulk update,

Bulk update walkthrough

  1. Enter the barcode or item ID of the first item you want to update to add it to the list. Further searches will add the additional items to the list. The clear items button will reset the list.
  2. When you're done adding items, select the type of action you wish to perform.
  3. Select the specific update you wish to perform and hit the update button to apply the changes.