Please note - this is a mode within the multi-location option

Imagine you are a multi-location operation.

Say you want to restrict your customers to only be able to book inventory online based on their home locations.

Here is a working example of how that works.

First of all, ensure you have the basics set up.

Back Office

  • Multi-Location Mode
  • Set to 'location-based' mode
  • Ensure each Product Family (PF) has a Home Location set.  (in this mode Home Location lives at the PF level)

Online Booking Wizard (OBW) 

  • ensure you have checked 'Multi-Location show stores checkbox' 

Then you need to ensure that each Product Family (PF) has a home location setup that corresponds to where that PF is located.

Now when you access your online booking the location selector will determine which categories are available based on your Home Locations.  When the user changes the location drop down relevant categories will change dynamically.

Here is an annotated example of the customer experience: