[please note this is a work-in-progress feature]

Imagine you are a multi-location operation.

Say you want to restrict your customers to only be able to book inventory online based on their home locations.

Here is a working example of how that works.

First of all, ensure you have the basics set up.

back office

  • Multi-Location Mode
  • Set to 'location-based' mode
  • Ensure each Product Family has a Home Location set.

Online Booking Wizard (OBW) 

  • ensure you have booking slots OFF
  • ensure you have checked 'Multi-Location show stores checkbox' 

Next up you will want to configure an Online Channel for each of your locations:

This will then allow you to create an online channel to restrict inventory to only those Locations

try it now:

this link will only allow LDN bikes to be booked

this link will only allow NYC bikes to be booked

Issues with this approach;

Asking people to configure Offering Channels is an added level of complexity

It makes the location dropboxes on the OBW redundant and misleading