Let's imagine you have two stores.  You have a BRM for each one.

You want to be logged in to both stores at the same time to oversee operations.

You also have staff who work for you at each store.  They want to just login to the BRM where they work.

Here is how you do that.

First of all, you will need to set up the following.

  1. An email address to login to EACH of your stores (see the diagram below)
  2. A different browser (or profile) for each store (because it is a browser thing that you can't be logged in as two different people in the same session)

Then, in your first browser, you login to your first store - using your first email login

In your second browser, you login to your second store - using your second email login.

Please note when we say different browser, we either mean:

  • Firefox vs Safari vs Chrome vs Internet Explorer
  • OR we mean 1 browser (e.g. Chrome) with multiple profiles.

Browser profiles allow you to be logged in as different identities at the same time.  1 identity per profile.

Back to our story  

This diagram shows the example of how you would be logged in to both your stores at the same time.

Note these users don't do Switch Store - they are permanently mapped to just 1 store.

But what if you just want to be able to hop between your different stores - but not simultaneously?

Easy, you only need one email address - with Switch Store privilege, and you use the Switch Store function to go from one to the other.  But you can only be in one store at once for that email address.  (no matter how many browsers or computers you use!

This diagram shows this scenario:

Finally - what about your staff?

For your staff who work in a particular store, it is simple.

They are mapped to one and only 1 store.  They don't even need to switch store.

When they login they just go direct to the store in which they work:

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