You may way to use third party agents to make bookings on your behalf.

There are two things you are likely going to want to do to enable this to happen.

  1. Limit their access by role - give them Basic access for example so they can only see reservations.
  2. Limit their access by location - only give them access to one (or more) Locations.  

Then you are going to want to make sure you can track the business they create - so you can pay them commission etc.

So, first of all, let's look at their user account:

You will note that I have given this Agent:

  • Basic role 
  • 2 locations. Meaning they can only see activity (bikes, reservations) related to those locations.

When they login they will see something like this:

you will note the following

  1. only see Reservations due to Basic Role
  2. locations indicator.  They only see locations they have been authorised for.
  3. they can pick an 'active' location if they have multiple - this will mean reservations created are for that location.

Here I created a reservation as the Agent, with an active location of KST

You can see it has created my Reservation and put KST in the start and end location - meaning I will still be able to search for it.

And here are the results when you search again:

As far as tracking the business they create....

You may want to just let them book externally (using their own online booking)

give them a link to their own online booking - with this parameter on the end;


This information will then flow down with each reservation into your reports:

OR you let them create using your BRM back office.

(as shown above) 

In this case you limit their access by role and location.

Then you give them a reservation type - so you can distinguish their own bookings

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