Normally you don't need to change the status of an item manually.

It is managed automatically by the system as Reservations progress through their lifecycle.

If a Reservation is progressed to Checked Out then all bikes in that reservation will have their status changed to CheckedOut.

Same for Checking in a Reservation but each Item will move to Ready status.

But what if you want to adjust things manually?

If you're doing lots of manipulations - cancellations, swapping etc then bike status can get out of sync.

Now, this is not a problem because BRM availability is calculated from what is the calendar NOT bike status.

But may want to 'tidy up' so that all bike statuses are correct.

Here is how you update manually.

Visit the Item you want - either by browsing to the Item you want or by searching for it.

  1. Click on the Item to open up the Item Detail Page.
  2. Go to the Status field.
  3. Change it to the status you want.

Here is a short giphy demonstration:

Please note the system will perform an impact analysis before any changes - particularly if you're changing lifecycle phase.

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