A key admin privilege is the ability to add users to your BRM store and change the privileges held by existing users.

To see the list of users, navigate to Settings -> Admin -> Users:

You can sort users by any of the column headings, simple click on the heading you'd like to sort by. In the screenshot below the table is sorted by user role (see blue box).

To edit a new user, click on user row in the table to open the detail page. To add a new user, click "Add new" above the table on the top right (see screenshot above).

Complete the following fields in the resulting detail page before hitting save:

  1. The new users first name.
  2. The new users last name.
  3. The new users email address (they will use this to log in).
  4. The role of the new user, options are
    • Basic
    • Staff
    • Shop manager
    • Mechanic
  5. Any additional privileges you want the new user to have. See here for more info on user roles and privileges.

Note that the remaining fields listed on the page, including Store Mapping and Google account ID are filled out automatically by BRM if applicable and so can be ignored. 

Email invitation

please note - the user will receive a welcome email which may not arrive at their primary inbox (check spam / promotions folders)

The email will be sent from; contact@bikerentalmanager.com

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