The Advanced panel does take up more space on your screen but brings quite a lot of capabilities with it.

It is designed for more 'power' features that you may use occasionally or all the time if you are a busy store.

Because it takes up more screen real estate you tend to need a bigger screen if you are using it regularly.

Here is Search mode with it on and hidden: (respectively)

and the same in Create mode:

BRM will remember where you have the setting - shown or hidden (and store it for your user ID)

Here are the extra functions the advanced Panel brings;

Search Mode

    Detail Search (detail search) - by customer name, customer ID, item ID, notes, group name etc

    Date Range control (when) - set the ranges of your reservation searches

Create Mode

    Client Ticker Panel (who) - bring in clients from a variety of sources, e.g. Tablets

    Date control (when)  - preset for which dates 'create reservation' will work

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